Posted by: sandra | May 21, 2011

And the winner is…

Gotta love this new book!

This is a new book from Open Gate!   And it is a winner of a new book,  eleven new projects all based on fat quarters.  (I have a couple of them, how about you?)  Plus, I like that the book is only $14.95.  Check it out next time you are in the store, you’ll want it too.

Here is the first quilt I am working on from the book.  From two fat quarters you get four blocks, two of each colorway.

I have been using my stash of Charlevoix from Minick and Simpson.  I love this fabric and it was hard to actually cut into it.  I also like that the pattern uses every bit of the fat quarter with no waste.  Love those yellows…

Rebecca and I have started our trip to Minnesota, although we may be changing our plans…

Talk about a beautiful drive through Kentucky!

Later, Sandra



  1. Don’t you love all the white fences…I think they cornered the market on them in Kentucky!!

  2. Change of plans? Do tell!

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