Posted by: sandra | May 20, 2011

Getting ready

My day has been spent getting ready to leave for Minnesota tomorrow.  It took me two days to decide what projects to bring and get them ready.

I know this doesn’t look like much, but it is probably a months worth of handwork!

Next I had to get a good supply of books for the trip.

Pick out some music.  Rebecca said no “Glee” on the trip…

Oh yeah, throw a few clothes in a suitcase too.

Hopefully tomorrow we will be in Indiana…

Here are a few more market pictures to drool over…

How about a view from above looking in at the convention floor…does it make you hyperventilate?

Cosmo Cricket, a new designer for Moda.  I do know we have all of this collection coming!  Due to arrive in September or so.

Crazy Old Ladies, they won a prize for best booth!

American Jane

Under the garden Moon, I made sure to send Holly there!

Later, Sandra



  1. Have a GREAT trip!

  2. I took 10 ++ projects for 6 weeks, finished 1 and 1/2 I think you are good! But thats just me LOL

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