Posted by: sandra | May 19, 2011

No more tangles, no more tears

Do you remember that slogan for Johnson’s baby shampoo?

That is my new slogan for Thread Heaven!  If you’ve ever used beeswax to keep your thread from tangling while doing handwork, this is the next generation great stuff!

You simply run your thread across the product and no more tangles, no more tears!  (or expletives as the case may be…)

I am now working on block number eight of these Kim Diehl flower baskets.  Finally, I quit cursing my thread and went to look for my ‘thread heaven’.  What a world of difference!  It only costs a couple of dollars and I have two of them, so why does it take me so long to learn my lesson?!?  If you do any handwork, give this stuff a try!  And then, remember to use it!

Here are a few more pictures from Quilt Market…What a variety of goodies!

Fig Tree

Brannon and Patek

Laundry Basket

Thimble Blossoms and Cotton Way

Can you believe this is the same Cotton Way that did this about 20 years ago?  These wooded dolls were so popular at the first quilt shop I worked at!

Maybe it is time we did a little updating too…

Later, Sandra


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