Posted by: sandra | May 17, 2011

Inspired by Kathie

Awhile back we received the Buggy Barn book and fabric for the quilt Farm Fresh.

I love this quilt!  Folk but not too country, the blues are really great.  At the shop the ‘girls’ cut and packaged the kits and mine arrived in the mail a month or so ago.  I had to have my kit so I could start it immediately!  I was going to start it the day it arrived!  I was so motivated….but then…I don’t know…I saw something shiny…Well, last week I heard that Kathie R. brought her first three blocks in to hang in the store (Three kits are still available).  Aren’t they wonderful!

That’s what it took to get my blocks out and get started!  Besides, I figured this would be a good project for my trip to Minnesota.  So, in my attempt to catch up with Kathie, here is my first block.

I am working on prepping the next two, also.  Thanks for the nudge Kathie, I needed that!

I have also been working on my “20 minute a day blocks” from Kim Diehl.  Here is what I have added.

Only three more to go.

Well all, it has been a long day.  Considering it is only 7:30 and I have already had a long bath and am in my jammies…

Later, Sandra



  1. Kathie is a Whiz! She is on summer break and is amazing.

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