Posted by: sandra | May 16, 2011

Some new fabrics came today!

Finally, the last of the American Valor fabric arrived today!  This collection is from Minick and Simpsom for Moda!  Here is what their free pattern looks like!

I am not sure, but perhaps 14-16 bolts in the collection.

Different from the other American Valor lines, more feminine.

And now, “for something completely different…”

Wild Palm Shells for Wilmington Prints

(why do these split like this?)


This is a small collection of beach and sand scenes.  Would make a great strip quilt with some yummy minkee on the back.  Or, how about a beach tote?

Here in the mountains I have not heard back yet from Cathleen and the “adoption”…She better hurry and decide, because I did get another offer…

Remember though, the room does come with these guys…

What, we didn’t sneak off to the creek for a little fun…Well, maybe we did, but it was all Abby’s idea…

Later, Sandra



  1. Hey you can’t give my room away. Remember, I’m crippled up AND have a civil service pension. I have dibs!

  2. Mama,
    I’m waiting on Social Services to finish the home inspection! Apparently it’s a close call…something about a crazy lady living REAL close. Remember I’m crippled up with two fake knees, so you’ll prolly get on a commercial or sumthin, too!

    I already sleep with my beagle! Did I mention she’ll be coming, too? The more dogs the merrier. Can I say this: I slept with my ex-husband and rather have dogs! They always love you!

    Gosh, hope that lady from Social Services isn’t on vacation!


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