Posted by: sandra | May 15, 2011

What’s it going to be Cathleen?

For those of you who may not read the comments here on the blog, let me share a recent one with you…

“Sandra, Your guild did ‘purdy’ work! I wish I could have been there..hmm…brings me to my real point: my adoption.
Background~ i have asked Sandra to please adopt me since she showed her new house pictures. Seems the paperwork keeps getting lost. I keep telling her older kids like me are hard to place (53 yrs old, but that’s only 8 if you add the digits). NOW WHAT AM I TO DO WITH THE BEAUTIFUL AND BODACIOUS MOTHERS’ DAY GIFT THAT I BOUGHT?
Well fate has stepped in….M.R., who works at the shop, is moving to a beautiful new house. I saw the pictures right in her phone yesterday. I mentioned to her that her land was sooooo large, she could build a little cottage on it. She said she agreed…so I am going to give her the opportunity of a lifetime…adopt a slightly used daughter who can advise HER on menopause. As for the Mothers’ day gift~I always buy something I like too!  Luv, your ex~daughter~to~be, Cathleen”

Now, Cathleen, let’s talk.  We’ll weigh all the choices and then you can decide.   I have the adoption papers right here, ready for you to make a choice…

First, Mary Ruth sent me a photo of the ‘cottage’ she has available for your living pleasure.  Nice, but central air might not be included.  Now you know the Atlanta area has five months in the year where they are 80’s and above…

Here in Christiansburg, we barely have two months when we get in the 80’s! Would you like to talk about the differences in the humidity between the mountains of Virginia versus the Peach Tree State?

This could be your new room at my house…complete with snuggly quilts on the beds.

Conveniently, right across the hall from the sewing room, and these drawers of happiness…

Two sewing machines…and your own thermostat control!

Now, over to you to decide.  By the way, late Mother’s Day gifts are ok, probably just got delayed in the mail.  Also, just for the record…I could use all the advice about menopause I can get.

Let me know which offer looks the ‘coolest’.

Later, Sandra



  1. Hmmm.. MR and I talked about building a cottage.

    OK: Summer in the mountains, winter in the south. AHHHHHH…just like the rich folk!

    Is my new name Franky?

    Wondering in VA Beach

  2. Could be the tie breaker:
    I get the card catalog when you, umm..uh…oh… this IS awkward…


  3. Dear Franky,
    Remember, menopause=don’t irritate your mother!
    PS the more dogs the merrier

  4. I’ll be there when the leaves turn, Mommy. Mountain folk always say Mommy and Daddy.

    love, Franky and Sunny

  5. Dear Franky,
    I’ll be ready for you in September…but did you know that we have no mosquitoes here? You night want to reconsider the summer… By the way, what do you think of lemon drop martinis and watermelon margaritas?
    Love, Mommy

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