Posted by: sandra | May 14, 2011

A bit of news from Holly…

As I may have already mentioned…I have been stalking Holly while she is at Quilt Market!  Try deciding on a new block of the month program from a picture taken on her phone and sent to mine.  Does this 1″ x 3″ picture of a partial quilt look like something we would like to do in the shop?  Keep those photos coming Holly!

Here are a few pictures of her booth at the show.

Looks like aprons and food products.

The wooden quilt designs, very popular at the show I have heard!

The cookbook quilt and some tea towels.

Speaking of tea towels we have a new style of kit in the store.

Tea towels made with tiny piping.  Better yet, the piping has been made for you already!!!!  Thank you Carol Anne.  A variety of kits are available, $8.95 each.

Well, I ‘d better get back to staring at my phone…waiting for the next detail or two…

Later, Sandra


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