Posted by: sandra | May 13, 2011


You may remember me mentioning that Holly is at International Quilt Market in Salt Lake City…and how Sue and I were not crazy enough to go with her…Well…it turns out…I must be crazy enough after all, because now I am so depressed that I am not there!!!!

A few days ago I checked on airfare, to see if it was possible to go…

Maybe schlepping all those bags, boxes, curtains, poles, tables, etc. wouldn’t be so bad after all.  I have new tennis shoes…

Now, I am stalking Holly on her cell phone!  Send me pictures, please!!!!  Go to Primitive Gatherings booth for me…check out Bunny Hills booth…send me some more pictures!  Have you seen Moda yet…

However, it seems like she is busy and I am not her number one priority…I wonder if I have Kim’s cell phone number…

But, whatever you do, don’t say a word of this to Sue!  I don’t want her to know I’m crazy too!  (Well I don’t want to make it that obvious to her).

And while I am confessing…I am on my third Starbuck’s coffee of the day!  And I’m still depressed.

Some good news from the shop for Virginia P. and one other lucky person!  Aunt Pitty Pat has agreed to make room for two more students in her Remembrance class!

The class starts on Tuesday, more details on yesterday’s post.

Remember everyone, shhhh.

Later, Sandra



  1. I am with you. I hate the travel part, but the prize at the end of going to Market is just like dessert. I am confident Holly will have some great new stuff coming our way. I took my sister to Stitch today to show off my LQS and she was so impressed with the variety of quilts, met all my friends in the Friday bee and learned about One Block Wonder. She is from Kansas City and is a pianist so this was all new to her.

    • Next May market is in Kansas City…I’m glad she enjoyed the shop! Enjoy the visit with your sister.

  2. YEAH!!! I will be there with bells on. Thanks

    • Have fun!

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