Posted by: sandra | May 12, 2011

Aunt Pitty Pat’s Remembrance

There is only one spot left in the latest block of the month/lecture series; Remembrances from Aunt Pitty Pat.  The class begins next Tuesday  the 17th (the third Tuesday of every month) and runs from 7-8:30pm

The cost is $30 per month, and covers the lecture, fabric for the blocks and the pattern.

This years project (starting now with the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the Civil War) has quilt blocks from both the Confederates and the Union as well as a center medallion of the Reconciliation.  Designed by our own Sue Troyan (Aunt Pitty Pat).

Let me share with you a few other series we have done with Pitty.

Civil War Tribute, this series finished a few months ago.  How great are those pinks!

Sue’s, Aunt Pitty Pats Sampler Surprise.

Another version of The sampler Surprise class.

Here is Sue at the shop with a variety of quilts she has made!  The “spotlight” on Sue and her talents will be up about another week or so.  Check out her stunning work and consider being the lucky one to get the last spot in her upcoming class.  You will not regret it!

In other news I got my first picture from Holly and her booth in Salt Lake City.  I  sent her a text asking her if she was excited yet about the booth.  She replied,  “NO”.

Hmmm, I knew she’d miss us!

Later, Sandra



  1. There are now NO spots left in Aunt Pitty Pat’s Remembrances.

  2. well, you are a good salesperson. I don’t read the blog til first thing every a.m. Just saw the write up and was going to call when the shop opened to sign up.

    • Hi Virginia, I spoke with Sue and she was able to work it out with Aunt Pitty Pat to make room for you in the class! She will add two more spots and you get one of them! Call the shop to make arrangements!. Good to have friends in “high places” right?

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