Posted by: sandra | May 11, 2011

Holly heads for Salt Lake City!

Holly is on her way to

How exciting is that!  Sadly however, neither Sue or I are going with her!  You know she is going to miss us!  You know she is going to need us!  You know she will wish we were there!!!!

However, she may still be Crazy Holly, ( but Sue and I have learned our lessons!)  Former employee, Kim M. will be there to help and join in all  the fun!

Actually, Holly is having a booth at market this year, called the ” Quilter’s Gourmet”!!!!!  She will be distributing food products, similar to those we carry in the store.

Soup mixes, dip mixes, etc. featuring our own Heidi-Idy. although she is sporting her new colors of red, white and black!  Our little ‘girl’ is growing up…

Holly will also be distributing jams, jellies and syrups, again with a quilting theme.

Sue, Holly and I created a beginner quilt pattern called OMG, I’m Quilting!  Holly will be selling patterns for it in the booth and Sue also has them in the shop $5.

Notice the red, white and black theme, as well as kitchen items…Now you know what the rest of the recent samples were for.

tea towels

A couple of different aprons


napkins and napkin rings

And of course, the new version of the cookbook quilt.

All these items are to furnish Holly’s booth at the show!  She has promised to send lots of photos, so we can see how it all looks when it comes together!

Have fun you two!  Let us know when you miss us!

Later, Sandra


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