Posted by: sandra | May 9, 2011

Regis and Kelly

I almost hate to admit it, but now that I am working from home I am hooked on Regis and Kelly.  OK, I only watch the first 20 minutes of the show , as the two banter back and fourth.  That is about as much sitting still as I can handle anyway…

I make sure I have run my morning errands and have my Starbucks in hand in front of the tv at 9am.  Sure hate when the phone rings at 9:05….

I almost always work on handwork during the show.  Recently I chose a project that hasn’t been touched in months, with the goal of working on it at least for those 20 minutes every day.  I am doing buttonhole stitch by hand on these basket blocks…

Three done so far!  Six more to go.   This is from a quilt called “Basket of Bloomers” by Kim Diehl.  I love every pattern that Kim designs!

The pattern is in the book Simple Blessings  $27.95

I have all of the sashing and block made, so the quilt should go together quickly after I get the blocks appliqued…

Twenty minutes a day can really make an impact, give it a try.  Remember, don’t call me between 9 and 9:20!  Unless you have something really good to say…

Later, Sandra


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