Posted by: sandra | May 6, 2011

Banner Day!

Banner Day, by Jo Morton of course…At quilt market in October we ordered Jo’s new book,

Her booth with all of the quilts was just stunning!  Too bad my favorite quilts aren’t shown in this picture..

We expected that her book would be available in March, but there have been some delays, and some additions!  It is now expected in the shop in the next month or so.

The dilemma, we ordered twelve signed copies, but now we are worried that that is not enough!  Her American Valor fabric has been a smash hit, as well as all of her previous books.  Getting autographed copies slows the process down, so future orders of the book would probably not be signed…

Banner Day has 16 projects, including the back by popular demand Liberty Eagle pattern.   The book retails at $28 and having seen all of the projects I am sure the book will be stunning!  So, now is your chance, if you want an autographed copy of the book, let the ‘girls’ in the shop know.  That should guarantee you get a signed copy…and if we have a great response, Sue can add more books to the order now.  Hmmm something to think about…

Did you know there is a ‘rule’ in blogland that each post should have at least three photos?  Well, I have spent the last 40 minutes trying to find the ‘other’ photo of Jo’s booth.  I give up!  So instead…

Abby, doing what she does best…

Later, Sandra



  1. OMG Abby and I love the same thing!!!!!

  2. Lisa! I’ve missed you!!!!!

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