Posted by: sandra | May 5, 2011

Planning a Trip

My daughter has an internship planned this summer in Minnesota.  She will be working for the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota (she is a wildlife science major).


  This could be the dream job for her, or a heartbreaking wildlife reality…I am voting for the dream job!

So, her and I have started planning the trip to Minnesota.  I am going to drive out with her (18 hour trip) and then I will fly home.  See reverse trip in July…

Luckily, the perfect trip planning guide arrived yesterday, thanks Sue!

As you probably know this magazine lists 10 top quilt shops around the country.  Showing tons of pictures, projects and things to do in the area.  Well, it just so happens there is a really great looking place only about 1 hour out of the way…

Look, doesn’t Pearl City, Illinois look right on the way to Minnesota!  I think so too!  Check out this great looking shop in the magazine, maybe you’ll want to ride with us…

Don’t worry, we’ll also keep our eyes open for places to take pictures for you.  What if we come across the largest ball of string as a roadside attraction, we will think of you!

Later, Sandra



  1. Wow – sounds like a heck of a trip and a wonderful opportunity for her. Have a great time and be careful.

    • Thank you!

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