Posted by: sandra | April 27, 2011

Heidy-Idy soon to turn 21!!!

Next month our beloved ‘mascot’ Heidy-Idy is turning 21!

You know, that makes her ‘legal’ in every state…

Check her out, getting a little makeover for her 20’s…

Last year for her 20th birthday we made a cookbook to celebrate!

This is a collection of favorite recipes from our employees, our customers and from may “quilt stars”.  Copies of the cookbook are still available for $15.95

Included in the cookbook is the pattern for our anniversary quilt.

Now that Heidy-Idy has gotten a little update, we have updated the quilt too.  Same pattern but a different look.

Do you see more of that red, white and black theme…

As always, part of the proceeds from the sale of each cookbook benefits the local food pantry.

P.S.  A word to the wise: do not walk down the stairs, talking on the phone to Holly, carrying a big box of fabric, while wearing your reading glasses….because you might fall down and go boom!

Later, Sandra



  1. No, that is called 21st century multi-tasking. Hope you didn’t get hurt.

  2. Oh my, if Heidi-Idy is turning 21 how old does that make me? Wait a minute… I really don’t want to know!! I love the trendy new look!!

  3. Now that Heidi Idy will be of age I think she’s ready for a Burgess ROAD TRIP Wait till you all see who is traveling home with me!!

    • You know, she may be of age but she is still innocent…

  4. Now Heidi-Idy can drink so SAUCE if we can ever find some!!!

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