Posted by: sandra | April 20, 2011

Favorite notions?

The other night at our guild meeting, the program was about our favorite notions.  We went around the room and showed what products we owned that we couldn’t live without.  Let me share some of what this group liked.  Do you agree or have your own favorites?

The bendable bright light is one of my favorites!

Best Press, in all of its flavors…

The magnetic pincushion…

The automatic needle threader…(a personal favorite)

The Fons and Porter marking pencil…

Funny how some tools that others loved I just couldn’t stand!  Or, had never tried…We all like what works for us!  Some more then others.

  The newest notion I think I have to try is the

power rotary blade sharpener.  It is made by the Grace Company and retails for $64.95  The reviews I have read are good and it sharpens all size blades.  Sue, will you see if you can order me one of these?

I will make the supreme sacrifice and test drive it for you.  Maybe I will add it to my favorite notion list…

What is you favorite notion?

Later, Sandra



  1. You can buy a lot of blades for $65.

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