Posted by: sandra | April 17, 2011

Whatcha’ doing?

It is a beautiful, sunny day here, although pretty windy.  I am hoping that by the time all of our guests arrive for dinner it will be nice enough to be outside some of the time.  I am taking a minutes break from cooking and cleaning to writee a blog post.  Since I don’t think anyone want to see my before and after house cleaning pictures…here is something a little more exciting.

A few more pictures from the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival in February.

Just fabulous!  A close up of some of the detail!

This water quilt was done by Karin, a member of my local guild.

So, if you’re not doing anything real exciting and you want to come over and clean or cook let me know.  I guess I’d better go decorate some chocolate Easter eggs.

Haven’t heard too much from Holly and her Stitch ‘n Stuff booth, it always worries me when I don’t here from her.  Too much time for her to dream up big plans…

Later, Sandra



  1. Between snow and tornadoes, Holly may have her hands full up SD. TQG had a wonderful Spring Fling Saturday. I took a great class called “Tilework” from our very own Mary Ruth Hudson – fabulous teacher.

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