Posted by: sandra | April 16, 2011

It has been a dark and stormy day here, one of those days that you just want to lay in bed…

or perhaps on the kitchen floor with your dog.

I spent some time in my sewing room.  First I was working on an apron, until I realized I was top stitching with navy thread on a black fabric…Just a little too dark in my sewing room.  So I changed to working on some kids charity quilts.  Some nice soft, springy Art to Heart fabric.  Ah, much better!

Eventually the sun came out, and it seemed like a good day to do a little baking…Rebecca mixed the dough for some butter cream chocolate covered eggs.

Next she made egg shapes out of the butter cream filling.

Next they get dipped in chocolate and refridgerated.

Tomorrow they will get trimmed and decorated and ready for the 15 people we are having for dinner.  Yikes I’d better go clean house.

Later, Sandra



  1. Sandra~mom, The adoption papers for me seem to be taking a long time. Save me an egg! Cathleen

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