Posted by: sandra | April 14, 2011

Is allergy season over yet?

Today, I actually broke down and went to see the doctor about my allergies.  Seems whatever works in one place that we live doesn’t always work in the next place…Let’s hope some relief is on the way!  It is a beautiful spring day here!  The sun is out, the cows are out, the dogs are out…And the doors and windows are open!  Life is good!

Was able to spend some of the day at my sewing machine, lots of red, white and black.  Working for the boss.  Just remember, we don’t call her “Crazy Holly” for nothing…Some details of that next week!  Then you too can lovingly refer to her as Crazy Holly…

I did take a little break from those bright colors and finished a baby quilt, pastels from the Lily and Will collection.

It is a combination of patterns from Bunny Hill Designs.

I took the basic design from ‘B is for Baby’, but in place of the rabbit I added the elephant from Binkies on Broadway.  Decided I did not want to applique an entire quilt of elephants.  I actually even did needle turn applique!  Once again, it did not kill me!

In my box the other day I got all of the yellow and brown Lily and Will 2 fabric.  I think I am going to start with the rubber ducks quilt…but not today…

Off to enjoy the sunshine!

Later, Sandra



  1. I LOVE THEM. I am doing the sew-a-thon this weekend at the shop so i am sure to pick them up. i have a new grandson due in August. YEAH

    • Congrats on the new grandson!

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