Posted by: sandra | April 11, 2011

Whining Works!

But, don’t tell my kids that!

Despite what this little wall hanging in my laundry room says…

Last week I did a little whining, to Sue and Holly.  Something about needing a fabric fix, something about needing to make some more samples for the store…something about missing out on what was going on…and on…and on…you get the idea!

So, today, on my front steps…a box from Holly and one from the shop.Now, at least I will have something to whine about!  Actually, the boxes have been sitting here for a couple of hours…I’ve been kind of afraid to open them…I know better then to encourage Holly…I wonder what all I committed to…or whether I should be committed?

So, while I get up the courage to open the packages, let me show you what else I have worked on.

This is a little hard to see in the photo, but it is wool in the center with a bird and flowers, stitched on a cotton background.  It is from the book Pennies From Heaven by Gretchen Gibbons $26.99.  My sample is from a kit I bought at the store, $49 or so.  The wool is very nice and I did have quite a bit of wool left over for other projects.


Also from the quilt on the cover,  I have the flower blocks done and they are already hanging in the shop.  Mine are on a light background, unlike the medium backgrounds on the cover.

OK, I think I have worked up my courage now!  I’ll let you know what exciting things were in the boxes!!!

Later, Sandra


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