Posted by: Holly | April 10, 2011

Quilt Market vs. Food Market

I had the opportunity the other week to attend a food market with my friend, Denise, who owns the bagel/coffee shop in town.  We drove 5 hours to Kearney, Nebraska.  A buffet dinner, entertainment, and hotel accommodations were provided by one of her food distributors.  You would not believe all the FREE food that was there:

From soup……….

To Nuts, I mean, ……juice……..

Crackers……..(you  know I like that…….)

Slim Jims…..

Beef jerky……

Oh…’s the nuts… of my favorite kind!……

All kinds of chocolate……..

All under one roof………

The upper level of the stadium had all kinds of fried foods and deserts………..

There were also breakfast foods, chips, pickles, sunflower seeds, deli meat, cheese, coffee, slushies, salsa, and much more.  In all honesty it was a bit overwhelming.  So much so that I didn’t each much.  They also had all kinds of cups, plates, containers, and packaging ideas.  It was mostly for convenience foods.  They held it in the ice hockey arena.  If you think this might be a bit much, you should try attending quilt market some time.  Similar to the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival but quilt market is 10 times bigger.  This year it is in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Booth numbers are already in the 2500 range. 

Although we had a great time, if I had to choose one over the other, I would definitely pick QUILT MARKET.  Sorry food market, you have been CHOPPED!

This is

Holly by Golly in Pierre, SD



  1. I worked food shows a long time ago when Sandler Foods sponsored a big show at the Pavillion. Lots of hard work, but good eats.

  2. Done is good Holly! I still choose quilt market!

  3. Helllloooo can’t we all just get along … food/quilt market?????

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