Posted by: sandra | April 9, 2011

Rain + Fog = Quilting

Kind of a weird week here, my husband was home sick most of the week and that just really throws my routine off!  I did not vacuum even one day at 4pm!  I feel totally messed up.  Now that it is Saturday, he is all better!  Well it is very, very foggy here and wet, so I guess I am “stuck” in my house and in my sewing room, life is good!

Well, “stuck” in my house after my trip to Starbucks…

I did get this little wool project finished this week, and sent off to the store.  The pattern is from Lily Anna Stitches ($8.25) called Down on the Farm.  I enjoyed doing some embroidery on this one, it really made a world of difference to the look of the piece.  I just noticed that my windmill seems to be leaning a little bit to the left…Oh well, that’s why we call it folk art right?

I also have this pattern from Lily Anna Stitches, called Susan’s Glory.  I think it will have to be one of my next wool projects.  I will make the turkey, not only great for fall but…

around here, everything “turkey” is good!

I also sent the shop this “geranium basket” sample.  It is made from a kit ($29) by Primitive Gatherings.  The flowers are stitched on in a unique way, that makes them somewhat three dimensional, you’ll have to look at them when you are in the shop.  Also, a very fast method!

Hope you all made it out to the Spring Open House today, and signed up for some fun classes!

Back to the quilting room!  Later, Sandra

P.S.  Holly is on blog duty tomorrow, any bets?



  1. Heeeeyyyyyy……..

  2. Heeeeyyyy back at ya’. Actually I know the best way to get you to remember something is to tease you that won’t…

  3. You know I love a challenge…….DONE!

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