Posted by: sandra | April 6, 2011

New Buggy Barn quilt kits are ready!

Remember awhile back…I told you about the new Buggy Barn quilt we were doing…and it should be out in January…at the latest…Well, some things are well worth the wait!  Here is the quilt from the book Farm Fresh ($24).  After months of waiting on the backorder of fabrics from Henry Glass Fabrics we finally have all the pieces together!  Our kit will make a quilt that is very, very similar to this one.  Most of the fabrics are exact duplicates.

Our kit is $169.95, and as of yesterday there were eight people on the list, leaving just four kits that are not spoken for.  We realize that this is a pretty expensive kit, did you know we do layaway?  Really, we do.  Buggy Barn is also selling the kit on their website, for $216.00, so we feel like we are priced  pretty reasonably…Of course, we didn’t design the quilt or write the book, or make the sample…They certainly deserve all the credit for their hard work!!

The finished quilt is 72″x82″,  here is the quilted piece, hanging in their booth at market.

Also in the Farm Fresh book is the Blue  Dahlia quilt, very striking!


Sue is packing me up a box to mail this week, by the time she adds this kit to it,  my box is going to be enormous!  I will be watching for the mailman everyday!

Hurry, hurry, hurry!

Later, Sandra



  1. Do you still have any of the Farm Fresh kits?? Do your kits include ALL the fabrics for the quilt top? Or just the background??

  2. Looking for pattern/kit for Farm Fresh ~ do you have one available?

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