Posted by: sandra | April 5, 2011

Christmas in April, Seriously?

We’ve all heard the phrase Christmas in July, but April???  Late yesterday, April 4th,  April 4th, we got our first shipment of Christmas fabrics!  Now, I know for people who are really motivated that’s good.  And for people who have a plan, and then stick to it, it’s really good.  But for the rest of us?  I have barely seen spring here!  Summer is a hoped for moment, let alone fall and winter!  However, it is a really nice line of fabric…and it is good to get an early start…and the best selection is now, not in November…OK Sue, add it to my box!

Introducing, Jingle All the Way from Art to Heart.  (Yes, Jennifer, Art to Heart!)

Here first is the panel, very typical Nancy Halverson.

Here are small swatches of the yardage that has arrived!

I am assuming there will also be a new book to go with the collection.  Perhaps it will be introduced at “Market” next month…

Hill Creek Designs is offering a button/embellishment kit for the new collection.

Looks pretty cute, wish I had an idea what they will be used for…Just a tease for now.

So, if you are in the mood for some Christmas fabric, the ‘girls’ are furiously cutting away!  I am not saying that Christmas will be here before we know it…but…

Later, Sandra





  1. OK Sandra, I bought the lil twister and some 5″ squares of fabric (I was out) for my trip …. I am expecting fabulous things LOL

    • From you Lisa, fabulous!

  2. Yes, there will be a book, called surprisingly enough “Jingle All The Way”. 😀

    It has a release date of May 30th

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