Posted by: sandra | March 31, 2011

Life in a college town…

Just so you know it is not just all sewing and quilting in my little world…

Tonight, on campus, is the Nearly Naked Group Run at Virginia Tech!

This is a national event, taking place at several university campuses around the country.  And it is all for charity!  (Sure it is…)  All of the participants strip down to their underwear running a lap around the drill field!  All of the clothes that are removed are donated to the local Goodwill Store.  With up to 1000 expected runners, that is a lot of clothes!

It is expected to be a very well attended event!  For participants or spectators?  hmmm

By the way, the temperature at the start of the event is 38 degrees…with a chance of rain or snow…and windy…

So, if anyone wants to meet me tonight outside of Torgersen Hall at 9pm…Let me know.

Otherwise you’ll have to catch it on you tube.

Later, Sandra






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