Posted by: sandra | March 30, 2011

Quality Time

Today, I spent a lot of ‘quality time’ with my sewing machine!!!  Pouring rain all day, so no guilt about doing anything outside.  It is probably just a little too early in the season to do anything outside anyway…that’s my story.

I did notice this morning I was also spending some quality time’ with this…

Which is never as much fun as this…

Say, do any of you have the bendable bright light, like on the side of my machine?

This is one of my very favorite notions, it really gives you a lot of extra, directed light!  They are rather pricey but well worth it!  Go to the shop and check them out!

So, let me show you what I have been working on.











This is the Kyoko pattern from Modkid Patterns.  $13.25 each.  One for your daughter or granddaughter and one to match for their doll.  I was procrastinating on this project, thinking it would be kind of hard, but it really was easy!  OK, it really wasn’t hard anyway…

Since I couldn’t decide what Asian fabric to pick from Stitch ‘n Stuff, this is what I came up with.

Then the one for your dolly.

I must admit I had a lot of fun making these outfits.  I used to do a lot of clothing construction. I certainly don’t want to go back to making clothes, but this was nice for a change.  Of course, since it is for a shop sample I didn’t have to plead with a wiggly child to check for the perfect fit.

Don’t forget tomorrow is your last day to redeem your blog coupon!!!

Later, Sandra



  1. Asian fabric at WYSNS, you soooo funny!

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