Posted by: sandra | March 29, 2011

Oh, Sunny Day

Yesterday, we woke up to snow here in Christiansburg!

OK, not this kind of snow…but a good inch with gray, dreary skies all day.

(more like this…)

I had lots of different events during the day with various people.  I swear everyone needed a good dose of sunshine!  You know one of those days that you can’t make anyone happy…

Today, the sun is out!  What a difference it makes in everyone’s attitude!  I’ll bet even the cows on the other side of our train track are smiling!

Look how green the fields are getting!

Let’s hope the sun is here to stay for awhile!

I did get something finished I can show you, finally.  This is a wool table mat with pumpkins and scarecrows, how cute is that!  I hope I am not secretly wishing for it to be fall again…The pattern is from Cath’s Pennies Designs and is available in the shop. $9.25

You can check our her patterns on her bog at

Hope you are getting some sun there!

Later, Sandra





  1. The weather has been pretty dreary here is chesapeake as well. The table mat is too stinking cute. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work.

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