Posted by: sandra | March 28, 2011

A different kind of ‘new project’

This weekend while I was poking around the quilting blogs I follow, I saw a photo of “Miss Rosie’s” ironing board.  It really got me thinking about mine…(Yes, I know, I need a life).  I have a typical ironing board, but I also have one of the large wooden ironing boards sitting on top of it.  I love my big ironing board, all that extra surface!  However, it has always been a little wobbly on my cheap ironing board stand…

So, a trip to Wal Mart, Target, Home Depot and Bed, Bath and Beyond to find what I “needed”.  Insert one child who likes to put things together!

And yeah!  A great new ironing station!  The stand cost about $50 and is soooo much sturdier then my ironing board.  It also has room for a lot of storage!  And, started and finished on the same day!

Exciting too, was when I was going through storage tubs I found the half finished missing Christmas stocking from two years ago!





  1. Love it! What a great idea. Hope you don’t mind it if I “steal” it.

  2. Neat! Can you give some instructions and a shopping list so I can TRY making one?

    • Go ahead all and steal the idea, since I stole it too! I am nice about sharing others peoples things…I bought a 4 tier ‘commercial’ grade metal shelf unit. 36″ high, 14″ deep and 55″ wide. I paid $50 at Bed, Bath and Beyond, with no coupon…On Miss Rosie’s sight she has casters on hers…Easy, easy.

  3. Miss Rosie, Sandra and Rebecca = FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have a BB&B coupon that I will be using tomorrow! Fabulous idea!!!

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