Posted by: sandra | March 27, 2011

New York anyone?

Running now through Wednesday the American Folk Art Museum is having a special exhibit of 650 red and white quilts!

Look at this show!  I guess we are not in ‘Kansas’ anymore…

The exhibit is being held at the historic Park Avenue Armory, displaying quilts on loan from the collection of Joanna S. Rose.  This is the largest quilt exhibit in the city ever, and it is a free event.

For more details, in case you actually can make a trip to New York in the next few days, visit their website at   Their site also has links to many more photos of the event.

In case you can not make a trip to ‘the city’ here are a few photos of quilts at the show.


It is only about an eight hour drive from my house to NYC….

Later, Sandra



  1. I’ll give you a dollar if you take Sue Troyan, that poor woman is DYING to see this display and no one is in!! I’d go in a minute but there is just a little going on here this week…retirement ceremony…hours at the airport picking up relatives and a little cross country trip to get ready for arghhhhh

    • and your husband wouldn’t understand if you left town for a few days?…

  2. He’s lind of a loser that way 😉

  3. Did you know that all 700 red and white quilts belong to one woman? She has been collecting for years. Where does she store them all?
    It is cold and windy out at our weeklong quilting retreat at Sandbridge! We just keep the sewing machines humming – 12 of us.

    • 12 of you all week! How lucky you are!

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