Posted by: sandra | March 25, 2011

Star City

I live about thirty minutes from Roanoke, Virginia.  The Star City.  A trip to Roanoke is a trip to the “big city”.  Funny how I could easily drive 30 minutes and barely leave Virginia Beach, but driving all the way to Roanoke feels like I have to plan for the whole day…

Today the “Star Quillter’s Guild” had their quilt show at the Roanoke Civic Center.  I left about 11:30 and told my family I would not be home for dinner, since I was going to the quilt show.  Well, by 1:30 I had seen the whole show, been to all the vendors,  taken pictures and talked to a few people I knew…It was a rather small show, but really very nice.  Several quilts and garments that had been at the Mid Atlantic show were also here.

This quilt is by Pam Mann, a member of the local guild I belong to.  Her quilt is all hand quilted and stunning.  It has been accepted to Paducah this year too!

I love this simple but lovely red quilt.

Of course I loved this one!  It is wool!

A lovely hand quilted Christmas wall hanging.

Something less traditional but beautiful!

This fabulous quilt had every piece fussy cut…can you even imagine?

And if you are going to fussy cut one quilt, why not two?

I hope you all have a good weekend, don’t forget to use your blog coupon!

Later, Sandra



  1. You country gals really know how to make some beautiful quilts!!

  2. Unbelievable. thanks for sharing.

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