Posted by: sandra | March 22, 2011

Prairie Women’s Sewing Circle

Coming next month to Stitch ‘n Stuff is a new ‘club’, and we are the first shop in the Virginia to be offering it!  This is a six month lecture series being taught by Sue Troyon.

This program offers a unique, monthly meeting that will take you on a journey back in time.  Gather together as the Prairie Women did, and hear anecdotal stories about their quiltmaking, and what daily life was like for those on the Oregon Trail, to the lives of the quilters during the Civil War, and the years of woman’s suffrage for equal rights.

Not only will you learn how our ancestors created quilts by “making-do” with what they had, you’ll be invited to do so yourself.

In our classes there are six monthly projects, from a doll quilt to a lap size quilt, plus two bonus projects.  The cost is $40 a month plus a one time pattern fee of $30.  This monthly fee includes the lecture and a kit for each project.

Classes are the first Saturday of every month, beginning April 2nd, from 9am – 10:30 am.  Stop by and sign up so we can have all your supplies ready for the first class.

All the patterns from this class are only available to those taking the class.  You won’t want to miss out!
We don’t want to spoil the fun by showing you the projects! Just know if you love history and want to know more about what life was like in the 19th Century this program is for you.  Oh yeah, you like reproduction quilts too.

Remember awhile back when we talked about the Just One Star project?  Moda is collection star blocks to make 100 Quilts of Valor quilts!  The shop has made kits with the sewing instructions and will be collecting blocks to mail on your behalf!  How easy is that!

The shop kits are $5 each and we will be mailing them about April 2oth or so.  If you’d like to read more about this project go to this website to check it out!

I have been working on the Marcus Brothers Quilts of Valor kit today, hope to have a photo soon.  I did finish one of my Pitty Pat blocks though.

Hope you are all having lovely weather, like we are today.

Later, Sandra


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