Posted by: sandra | March 21, 2011

It’s beginning to look like spring

We have been having a mix of sunny warm days around here.  Even into the low 70’s!  It was in the 80’s yesterday when I was in Georgia, I’m not ready for that yet!

I can tell it is spring around here because…

the daffodils are blooming…

the baby calves are out in the field…

outside reading with the dogs…

the birds are nesting at Starbuck’s…

and the first cold drinks of the season are being enjoyed!

How about you Holly, what are the signs of spring in South Dakota?  Any baby chicks or baby ducks or new puppies???

I spent much of my sewing day today doing prep work.  Getting wool ready to applique and such.  Never seems like much though.

I did work on some of my Pitty Pat sampler blocks from the shop.  I heard that Jerri got her top finished and it is spectacular!  I hope someone has a photo they can send me!

Did you all see the coupon on yesterday’s post?  Don’t miss out!

I hope it is spring where you are!

Later, Sandra





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