Posted by: sandra | March 19, 2011

National Quilting Day!

I hope you were all able to grab a few minutes today, to enjoy National Quilting Day.  Either by bonding with your sewing machine, or visiting your favorite quilt shop!  (Or better yet, both)  I heard that Stitch ‘n Stuff was very busy, getting in on some of those sales I hope!

Remember the fat quarter sale lasts through tomorrow (we’re open noon to 4pm).  Then on Monday, sadly, the fat quarter price increases to $2.75 each.

I was out of town, and managed a quick stop at a couple of quilt shops in Marietta, GA.  Would have loved to spend more time, but I did do a little bit of shopping in the short time I had.

First I went to Little Quilts, remember when their books and patterns was huge in the quilting world?  Mostly in the late 80’s and early 90″s.  I have one book of theirs that I have probably made more quilts out of then anything else I own.  Many small things that I have made over and over again!

Just about five minutes away is huge quilt shop called Red Hen Fabrics .

You know this is a good sign when you see this as you walk in the front door…

Fun to see what other shops do, make sure we’re not missing anything you know.  That is my job, on behalf of all of our great customers!  Check out what is around and get any new and great things I see in the shop for you all.  (I know tough job and all…)

Now, for something completely different…

Did you know that Friday June 24th is National Bring Your Dog to Work Day?  This one I did not make up!  You can check it out at

Abby got to have her day early, going to work with Rich the other night.

Just hanging out in the chair that the student’s have to ‘face the XO in’…

I must say, I like the power seat better…

Enjoy the last of National Quilting Day!

Later, Sandra



  1. Now that is some funny stuff Missy!! Kathie Rokitski gave me a wool applique lesson at Triple D last night…not as easy as you make it look!!!!! I bowed at the alter of Sandra, just so ya know 😉

    • Lisa, I know you can do wool applique! Having seen your machine quilting which is hard! I know that you can do the easy stuff like wool work! Hope you all had fun at Triple D, wish I was there to join in the fun!

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