Posted by: sandra | March 18, 2011

National change your rotary blade week

I did not make that up!  I read it on one of my regular blogs!!

I’m quite sure they made it up though….In the post Debbie talks about struggling with her rotary cutter over and over again, before breaking down and changing the blade.  Surprise!  What a difference it makes!  Funny that she posted about that, the day after I changed my blade…in who knows how long!

I have a gingher rotary cutter that I use the most.  It is very sharp and I really like the design of it.  I feel like I have better control of it then my Olfa.

Also, because I am a sick person, I also have this one, (although I don’t know where it is at the moment…)

and this one,



and this one,


and this one,



ok, you get the idea…


Tomorrow is National Quilting Day though!!  I did not make that up either!  Somebody else who had a good idea did!  The shop will be running some great specials for the day!


The Wooly Basket block of the month kit will be available for half price!!!!!!  Seven kits available, then they are all gone!










The Karen Sievert books and kits are also half off!!!!  Limited number!










The fat quarter sale continues through Sunday!

25% off 6 or more

30% off 20 or more

There may be a few other in store specials that Sue has planned too…

Later, Sandra




Here is the follow up to yesterday’s cartoon…



  1. I put in a new blade for retreat last week end and then you think…damn why do I let those things get sooo dull this is heaven ;/

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