Posted by: sandra | March 14, 2011

Moda Monday

Yet again the UPS driver brought us another big shipment of boxes from Moda.

The great thing about their boxes is you know they are from Moda the minute they come off the truck.  That big, wide, white tape with Moda written all over it, gets us all talking!

Today the boxes contained Lilly and Wil 2, from Bunny Hill Designs.

This collection features the same great designs as the first collection, but now in aqua and brown plus yellow and brown!  Very sweet and chic!


Some new patterns also came in from Bunny Hill, to go with the fabrics.  My favorite is The More the Merrier. I just love the rubber ducks.


Say, do you want to support your favorite local business?  Yes, Holly, there are other ways they can do it besides buying all of their fabric from us…

Go to the Best of Hampton’s Road website at  and vote for your favorite quilt shop!  OK, so they don’t have a favorite quilt shop category, but you could enter us in your favorite specialty shop…

Of course, if you don’t want to do that, you can always just come and shop with us!  We like that too!

Later, Sandra




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