Posted by: sandra | March 13, 2011

The color crayon challenge

I checked out another local quilt guilt the other evening.  Seems like a nice enough group…That night they were starting their annual challenge.  This year it is a color crayon challenge, which I have never participated in before.  They passed around a bucket full of crayons and you had to pick one without looking.

First was gray…not too exciting.

Then came white, again not too exciting.

Finally, came yellow.  I like yellow, I like yellow a lot.  I was very glad I did not pick green!  Or orange…

The challenge is to create a quilt project (runner, wall hanging, placemat, etc.) that are expressed in these three colors.  You can add other colors as well, but the three have to be dominant.  I am not sure how…but I think this wool design will be a part of it.

This is Fresh Cut Daisies from the Summer Gatherings book from Primitive Gatherings.  The challenge ends in August, so I have some time to mull it over.  (Not my strong suit…)  I like to jump right in and start cutting, who needs a plan.

In other news the shop received the entire 42 piece set of “Collection for a Cause, Faith” from Moda.

This is a Civil War reproduction line, designed from a quilt in Moda’s owner, Mark Dunns, private collection.  The colors are reds, pinks, tans, and browns, yummy.  The proceeds from all the Collections for a Cause fabrics benefit charities.  In the past proceeds have gone to juvenille diabetes, breast cancer, alzheimer’s, and Quils of Valor.  So see, shopping for fabric is good all the way around.

I saw the pink quilt in the lower right hand corner of this book, made up at the quilt show!  I just loved it.  I bet it would work from this new line of fabric…

Later, Sandra


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