Posted by: sandra | March 12, 2011

What if…

You were ‘stuck’ in your sewing room, with all the time in the world to sew, and you could only have one designers books or patterns?  Do you have a favorite?  Someone who is always in your stack of things you want to do?  Someone you always get excited about when they publish something new?  (Work with me here, obviously this is a quilter’s fantasy.  I’m sure you knew that when I said all the time in the world to sew…).

I have my favorites like Bunny Hill for sweet little things, Primitive Gatherings for wool projects…But, probably my favorite all around designer is Kim Diehl.  She has published five books, and each one seems better then the last.

She has a really nice mix of pieced quilts and applique quilts.  Lots of sizes and variety and often very scrappy.  When you are looking to treat yourself to a new book, make sure you check hers out.  We always have a variety of them in the store, and you can’t go wrong with any of them!

I recently received this nine patch/ churn dash quilt back from the quilter, and I love it.  I believe that it is from Simple Comforts.  (I will admit all those “Simple” names gets confusing).  I made it from a variety of Kansas Trouble fabrics, very scrappy like I love.  Can you believe that the sun is actually out to take a picture?  And surprise, the dogs had to get in on it!

I have at least two other projects of hers in the works, and about 50 more planned…Is that a bad thing?  Including this quilt from Simple Graces.  I have never wanted to make yo-yos before, but this quilt is changing my mind…

I wonder if Kim would like to visit beautiful Virginia Beach and teach a couple of classes…Wouldn’t that be fun?

Later, Sandra



  1. Eek – that’s a hard one. All I can say is that out of all the different types of sewing, I’d have a stash for patchwork books too – I never get tired of it and no two quilts are ever the same due to the trillions of fabrics to choose from. Still, maybe I’d better decide properly just in case I’m really ever faced with the dilemma! Jen x

  2. I recently discovered Jinny Beyer, her website and books. She does amazing things with border fabrics. I would love to try several of her designs.

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