Posted by: sandra | March 11, 2011

A day at the zoo…

Literally, a real zoo, not just living with my family…My daughter is at the end of spring break and wanted to got to the North Carolina Zoo.  She spent one day earlier this week volunteering at her old job at the Virginia Zoo.  She is a wildlife major and has a big interest in photography, so zoos are among her favorite things.  My husband took the day off and we drove to Asheboro, NC for the day.

The zoo is probably 150 miles south of us, so quite a drive.  The grass was green everywhere and the trees were all in bloom, we were having snow flurries when we left home…

These flamingos had grass!  No snow here.

This guy would have loved to see even a little snow I bet.

This guy can have whatever he wants…

Then there is always Rebecca with her camera…compared to my little point and shoot.

She took 264 pictures, I took 8.

A coffee tree?

After we left the zoo we put Starbucks in our GPS, to find an afternoon cofee.  We get out of the car and Rebecca sees a quilt shop across the parking lot!  What luck!!  (For me not them).

It was a nice little shop, with a friendly man working.  The shop was mostly batiks though, so I didn’t get a whole lot…Just a little…cause I was there..seemed only polite…

By the way, Sue said the shop has kitted another of the Quilts of Valor quilts.  This time they did the Andover collection of fabric by Jo Morton.

The kits are available now and are $87.50, get them while you can!

Retreat weekend at the shop starting tonight.  Always a fun time to pop in and see what everyone is up to.  Lots of inspiration happening.  Chocolate too.  I wonder if the two are related?

Later, Sandra



  1. Sandra, seriously, tell me true, how hard was that zebra bag?????????????

    • The directions were easy.
      Sewing threw many, many layers of minkee, not so much…

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