Posted by: sandra | March 10, 2011

Rain again, of another kind

Yes, another dark and rainy day here, what a line at Starbuck’s!  After living near Seattle for ten years with weather kind of like this, you know why Starbuck’s  is sooo popular!

Last night, in the pouring rain, my husband and I went to Roanoke to see


A traveling Broadway show, that came here for one day!  What a fun, fun show!

I like much of the Beatles music, but am not a hard core fan.  But these guys put on a fabulous show!  Dressing the part and changing hair and costumes as the band did over time.  The personalities of each of the Beatles developing over the evening.

Also lots of footage from the Beatles, the fans and the 60’s in general.  A segment of commercials from the 60’s was a riot.  My how things have changed!  We are so politically correct now!

What an interesting crowd too!  The band asked those members of the audience 19 and under to stand up.  I was impressed and amazed how many young people were there!  Yet, outside was the bus from a local retirement center.

I’m considering going to a nearby quilt guild meeting tonight…I am so tired of being the new person all the time…but if I stay home I might have to make dinner or something…I’ll let you know what I decide.

Later, Sandra



  1. I hope you went to Guild – calorie free.

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