Posted by: sandra | March 7, 2011

Home Alone!!!…

Do you know what really exciting and wonderful thing happens when you are home all alone?  Alone for a couple of days?  It is awesome!  You will be so jealous!  Are you ready?

Once you empty your kitchen counters of all the ‘stuff’, it stays that way!  All day!!!  It really is a very exciting event!  I could get used to this!

My husband and daughter went to Virginia Beach for a few days, so I have the house to myself!  (Not that I am excited or anything…)  I did get into a smidge of trouble, but good trouble I guess.

All the talk about the new Quilts of Valor fabric got me motivated to use some of my patriotic fabrics to make a couple of quilt tops to send to Mary Lynn.  I wanted to use the pattern that Sue, Holly and I designed for Houston to launch the American Valor fabric.  It is a very easy design, made for a real beginner.  In the shop for $8 I believe.  Our guild is also making this quilt, each person took home a couple of blocks to finish and we will lay it out at our next meeting.

I needed 18 nine patch blocks for the inner border.  So, I cut out some fabric and started sewing, but I ran out of red so I cut some more, then I ran out of white, so I cut some more….and sew on and sew on….Now I have about 40 blocks…hmmm..oh well.

My daughter brought in a bunch of samples to the shop today.  Sue has ordered the patterns, so hopefully they will be arriving together.  My favorite kids find at the show was the Playtime Quilt from Karie Patch Designs.  Everyone was loving it at the booth, so I had to try it!

I made the small blankie, about 21 inches square.  The bow ties are three dimensional and you can hook toys and pacifiers and such to them!  This would be my standard baby shower gift…if I thought I would be going to anymore baby showers….Maybe when my kids friends start having babies…I put a soft flannel on the back, but minkee would be yummy too!  This just seems to me the perfect item for the car.  Remember trying to retrieve a pacifier while driving on the freeway?  (Note: taking your baby with you to court to help explain why you were speeding, doesn’t work.  I’m just saying).

Here is what the pattern looks like, $9.25.  You can also check out her other designs at  As always, if there is something on her sight you would like let Sue know and she will get it for you.

We have about 6 kits made like the sample, so don’t delay if you want one!

Later, Sandra


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