Posted by: sandra | March 5, 2011

Enter cute and snappy title here

Today has been totally dark, dreary and wet.  Not a lot of rain, but continuing all day.  A good day for a nap…and a coffee…and some chocolate.  Oh wait, that is most days…I kind of bounced around between projects, not really focusing on any one thing.  Thus, no pictures.

So, how about some more pictures from the quilt show?  Today’s topic, nature-no rain.

Trees and more trees.

This quilt was one of my favorites!  The backgrounds are all pieced, the little quilts are pieced.  It is really stunning, and big!


Rain forest look.

Beautiful country lane scene.

I also spent some time looking into some lower end sewing machines.  My daughter-in-law is interested in sewing.  (I knew I really liked her).  My son asked if I had an old machine I could let her use…But, I just don’t think I can part with my old Bernina  (not yet anyway…).  I intended to look at machines at the quilt show, but I was so overwhelmed with fabric I just could not settle down to look and play with machines…I would like her to get a machine from a shop that will also give her lessons.

Anyone have any experience (good or bad) that they would like to share?

A Viking Emerald 116


A Baby Lock, Grace

So Holly, how is your ‘Just One Star’ block coming along?

Later, Sandra



  1. ha…..ha…..ha……ha……oh, sorry, did I say that out loud?……actually staying home ALL day and getting it done!!

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