Posted by: sandra | March 3, 2011

“The Case of the Traveling Scissors”

Last year, during the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show and shop hop a new pair of pink scissors disappeared from the store.  They were one of many pair that we use to cut fabric (none of that newfangled rotary cutting stuff for us…)  After the hop was over the ‘girls’ tore the place apart, and put it back together.  But the scissors never turned up.  We knew they probably ended up in the trash accidentally.

However, this year during the shop hop a customer from Maryland brought them back!  While shopping at our store they ended up in her bag along with her fabric!  Those scissors did a little traveling over the last year…Thanks to the customer who brought them home!  See how fast Sue G. wrote her name on them…

Once again the ‘girls’ have torn the shop apart (with a little help from all the shop hop customers) and now have it put back together.  You’ll notice a few new things in already!

The Nine Patch Gatherings book, was sold out for much of the hop, but now it is back in stock.  We have also precut Civil War Reproduction charm packs to go with the book.  I believe that each pack contains 50 squares, and they are available in 3 inch and 5 inch sizes, perfect companions for the book and making small perfect nine patch blocks!

Then there was the big shipment of Moda fabric the other day…

Antique Fair by Blackbird Designs

Lovely by Sandy Gervais

On Monday or Tuesday my daughter will be in town, and she will be dropping off several samples to the shop.  Always something new at Stitch ‘n Stuff!

Later, Sandra

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