Posted by: sandra | March 2, 2011

What does Holly do in South Dakota?

Well, we know she feeds the chickens and the ducks, and collects the eggs. They have three dogs to take care of.  She still has a couple of kids at home, oh yeah and a husband…There is that house to take care of, and don’t forget she still has many tasks to take care of for the shop.  Also cooking from our shop cookbook, as well as blogging about it…But really, other then that….

Now, she has packaged a line of quilters food items!  There is a large variety in the store, you’ll have to come and read the labels, they are worth a trip themselves!  Here is what they look like, isn’t Heidi-Idy adorable!  Also, what the labels say.

Soups: Chicken & Egg Noodle ~ Potato ~ Wild Rice
Just put in the crock pot ~ leaves more time for quilting!

Dip Mix: Bit o’ Bee Bacon – Take to your next quilting bee, retreat or guild meeting!

Hot or Cold Wine Slush Mix – Who says there is NO WHINING in quilting?

Chocolate-Coffee Cappuccino Mix – A little extra VITAMIN C to boost your quilting fun!

Quiltin’ Seeds – Sprinkle among your friends and watch their smile grow!

Quilt Shop Souvenir – My friend went to the quilt shop and all I got was this bag of chocolate!

Other fun things will be poppin’ up this Spring! Let us know what you think of them.

Some really fun things to bring to a quilting friend or event!

Here is our shop anniversary cookbook, do you think we talk about food a lot around here?  Just because our shop motto is “will work for peanut m&m’s”, which can be modified to “will work for fabric”.

Come in and try some of these goodies out!

Later, Sandra



  1. You forgot to add……freezin’ my tushy off!!!!

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