Posted by: sandra | March 1, 2011

A little bit of the show

The 2011 Mid Atlantic Quilt Show is now history, and I have almost brought all of my goodies into my sewing room, almost.  Love unpacking things, getting all exited all over again.  Everything I take out of my bag is the project I am going to make first! I have about ten first things so far….

I thought I would show you some quilts from the show.  There were a lot of really fabulous, stellar, artistic, phenomenal, lovely, stunning quilts!

I just loved this sheep quilt, just because it is all sheep…

And a close up…  All the great textures and details!

Another wonderful dimensional piece!

Beyond words!

How is this one for fun?

Clowns anyone?

Lots and lots more pictures of the show in the coming weeks.

I heard that UPS was delivering a bunch of boxes marked Moda today!  I am guessing that it is Antique Fair by Blackbird Designs and Lovely by Sandy Gervais.  Have to wait for confirmation on that though…

Later, Sandra


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