Posted by: sandra | February 23, 2011

Twelve hours to go!

Jacque, and I just returned from the airport, where we picked up her sister (my roommate) Jude.  She came in from Reno for the show.  So now we are all counting down the hours until the doors open in the morning!  Let the fun begin!  My Stitch ‘n Stuff tote bag is empty and ready for some fun new goodies…

Here is the Hampton Roads Convention Center, my car will be front and center first thing in the morning!  Look out quilter’s, here we come.

This is our little sign outside of our hotel room door.  Love the pie, but wouldn’t a little quilt be cute…

Jacque and I did a little shop hopping this afternoon, always a fun time!  I have now officially run into a hundred people I know!  Including a quilter friend from Nebraska.  Do you know how hard it is to try and catch up with people when you just walk into a new quilt shop?  Focus…focus…focus…

Now it is time to catch up with my roommate and set my alarm for tomorrow.

Later, Sandra


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