Posted by: sandra | February 21, 2011

I’m almost ready!

I’m leaving first thing in the morning to head to Virginia beach, the quilt shop and the quilt show.  I am getting very excited!  My leave time keeps getting earlier and earlier the closer it gets…Was 10 am, then 9am, now maybe 8am…

I have most of my things ready, and I’ve already started to pack the car.

Let’s see…

*samples for the shop-check

*Go! Baby-check

*Quilt tops for Rose and Lisa-check

*Shopping list-check

*Wool project to work on-check

*Credit cards-check

*The peanut brittle is cooling-check

*Cell phone and charger, GPS and charger, ipod and charger, laptop and charger, camera and charger (Sheeesh)-check

*Key to the shop-check

Actually, I think I am all set!  Maybe I should just leave today!  Oh wait, clothes…curling iron…yikes, forgot about that stuff….

Don’t forget, Shop Hop started today!  You don’t want to miss the fun or the prizes!

See you this week, Sandra




  1. Sandra you ROCK!!!! 🙂 Have a good trip to Va Bch…..

  2. Sandra, you dooooo rock. Send some peanut brittle my way!!

  3. Whoopee……can’t wait to tell Pat…….I know for sure, you are his FAVORITE guest!!!!
    (PS don’t tell Jude)

  4. All you have to do to be the favorite guest is bring peanut brittle and leave on time! See you soon!

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