Posted by: sandra | February 19, 2011

The Countdown is on

Only four more days until I head to Virginia Beach for the Shop Hop and the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show!  Starting to get very excited, and thinking about things I need to get done before I leave.

Why is it that I feel when I leave my house has to be perfectly clean?  My family doesn’t care…they don’t even notice.  I could probably leave the vacuum in the middle of the kitchen floor and when I came home it would still be there, unnoticed.

Anyway I’ve been cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, gathering my stuff together, getting guest rooms ready for three college girls who will be here while I’m gone…  At this rate my important projects are not going to get done!  Do you think I have my priorities screwed up?

This is the last project I have any hope of getting finished before I go.  Perhaps it will be a work in progress…

May Baskets Table Runner by Primitive Pieces by Lynda


Yesterday a friend and I went to Floyd for lunch and to wander through the shops.  Floyd is a very ‘eclectic’ hippie town with a love of blue grass music.  She would love to move there, me not so much…

It is very rural, and picturesque.  OK, not so much in the winter.

You never know what you might find at the different shops.

The whole foods store had all these great crocks, filled with dried foods, very cool!

Then there was the little shop with this welcome sing, didn’t even want to go inside…Seriously, what were they thinking?

Tonight five couples in our neighborhood are going out to dinner, at The River Company, sure glad I am not the designated driver…

Then back to our house for drinks and dessert.  Guess I better go finish cleaning…

Have a great weekend all.

Later, Sandra




  1. Sandra..We like to go to Floyd Fest in the summer! My SIL makes all of the t-shirts for the festival!
    It really is a hippy town!

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