Posted by: Holly | February 17, 2011

WINDY CITY, or should I say country…..

 Well the snow has started to melt and temps were in the 70s and the sun is out, so what more could a country girl ask for? Maybe a little less wind? Wind gusts today were reaching 47 mph. A few chickens blew, not flew across the yard…ha..ha…what a sight that was….poor things…they need to be in the barn producing some eggs anyway.  They have been low on the count and I have orders to fill!!

So, I have the blog duty….ha….ha…blog duty….(that’s funny) for today.   I haven’t gotten my GO BABY out yet, but I hear Mom already made a quilt from her’s.  She went to the BABY shower last month and the girls had a good time.  They have already planned their next one. Stop in for more details and see what they made.

So, back to the wind,…. I did make a purchase recently that I wanted to share with you all.  You all know I’m a “COWBOY QUILTER”, (ask Pat Stewart to explain), which really means I like things to be quick.  Anything to make that happen, I’m all for.  So when I found this new Shark vacuum with CYCLONIC TECHNOLOGY AND CORDLESS, I was in.  This handy little vacuum works great on carpet and floors.  It is great for those quick clean ups.  It has a telescopic handle and a tool for those hard to reach places.  It swivels around the furniture and the kids even like it.  And here’s a bonus for Lisa…..IT’S PURPLE!!  I absolutely LOVE IT!!  It doesn’t replace the real vacuuming that needs to be done, but certainly helps cut down on the time involved with getting the big gun out all the time, which leaves more time for QUILTING!!!!  Here’s a few photos of it for you……..

Those of you who know me also know I am a snack-a-holic.  I am always looking for new crackers, candy, anything to snack on, so thought I would share a few new ones I recently found.

I have tried them all and besides the sesame sticks which I love, I think my favorite candy was the Reese’s minis.  They are soooo cute and very good.  I would like to use them in some baking.  Ummm….maybe need to make another recipe soon.  The Hershey drops are like a big M&M, the York pieces are like mint M&Ms and the Almond Joy, well they weren’t too bad.  I hope you all appreciate all the things we here at What’s Your Stitch ‘n Stuff endure for our customers…ha…ha….let me know if there are some other snacks your would like me to “endure” for you!

Until next time…..

Holly By Golly in windy South Dakota



  1. I bought those Reeces the other day, assuming that there would be a baking recipe, but alas, they had to be eaten as is 🙂

    • oops Reeses 😦

  2. My favorite, at this time of the year is, M & M’s speckled eggs. Just the perfect ration of milk chocolate and coated shell. Been looking for them for the last month. Got my first bag today!

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