Posted by: sandra | February 14, 2011

The dreaded project…

Have you ever had one of those projects that you just dread starting?  You’ve seen it made up and love it, you’ve even gotten the supplies, but you just can’t get around to starting it!

Well, this is that project!  Sue sent me the supplies about two months ago.  Hot pink minkee and zebra stripe minkee, very cute together.  I told Holly I would make a sample for the store…so I couldn’t ignore it forever.

Here is the pattern, Pony Pouch from Black Cat Creations $9.  It is a children’s tote bag in the shape of a horse, or in our case a zebra!  We saw one made up in Houston and it was soooo cute!

I gave myself a deadline to have it finished before I came to Virginia Beach for the quilt show.  So, even though I have a whole week left before my deadline, I just sat down and started it.  Why is it the things you worry about being hard turn out to be so simple!

And so darn cute!

Here is my daughter, with a side view of the tote.

Here is a close up.  You’ll have to look for it in the shop to really see just how adorable it is!  (Even my husband commented on how fun it was)!

Gotta go and check out some new Moda fabric, Sue is meeting with the rep. tomorrow.  Want to make sure I get my opinionin in.

Later, Sandra



  1. OMG, that is adorable!!! Is it Sandra easy or can a mere mortal tackle it…don’t like to me Missy!!

  2. me, lie to you…never! The pattern is not hard to follow at all, sewing through lots of layers of minkee, a little harder.

  3. Too, too cute!!

  4. very sweet

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