Posted by: sandra | February 11, 2011

Winter outing

Yesterday some of our guild members went on an ‘excursion’ for the day.  Started off my heading to a quilt exhibit at the library in Smith Mountain Lake.

Smith Mountain Lake is a beautiful area!  They are building like crazy too!  Looks like lots of shopping and restaurants and outdoor stuff.  Of course, take this picture and add gray and dreary and subtract the leaves on the trees.  It is February after all.

The show at the library was small, but nice.

This cat quilt had the most interesting all over quilting.

A lovely small applique quilt, with some dimensional flowers.

This small piece (maybe 12″ x 14″) had lots of beads and embroidery.  Very nice.

After the show we had a nice lunch and stopped at three different quilt shops!!  I did pick up a couple of new patterns, that we’ll be seeing in the store pretty soon.  Fun to see what samples other stores make.  Trust me though, Stitch ‘n Stuff had more samples then all three of those stores put together.

My favorite purchase of the day is this cute little zippered bag.  We all know that all what we really need is one more bag!  But, this is made from real tape measures!!!  How cute is that!  I have the designer information and I am going to see if it is possible to get them in the store.

It was a fun day of quilts, eating, shopping and getting to know some new people.  When we got back to pick up our cars…my car battery was dead…It was 19 degrees…I guess you have to have a little bit of reality to balance out the fun of the rest of the day.

Later, Sandra



  1. Sounds like you had a great time!! Let us know when those cute little bags are in the store (if can be). Enjoy your blogs Sandra 🙂

  2. I love the bag Sandra! Hope you can get them at the store!

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