Posted by: sandra | February 9, 2011

“My” Dream House

I am not much of a television watcher.  All the ‘girls’ at the shop would talk about what happened on (insert any tv show) and I would never have a clue.  I am about the only person on the planet who never saw Idol or Survivor or Friends for that matter!  I know you are all trying to imagine what that would be like…explains a few things about me though huh?

However, I do watch a little bit of HGTV, no particular shows, just watch when I’m stitching.  HGTV has a sweepstakes every year where they give away a ‘dream house’.  I have never entered before, but have decided that this year I am going to win the house in Vermont!

Here is the front of ‘my’ house in Stowe, Vermont.  Nestled in skiing country (or perhaps in a deep ravine?) I figured since my husband needs to retire in a year or two, we could just move to New England is this very “modern” house.  The house has a ‘ski dorm’ that sleeps 8 I think.

So, we have everyone to ski in the winter…but, the rest of the year we house quilt retreats!!  Anybody want to come and teach and stay here?

OK, how about when I redecorate it, and it looks like this?!   Everyone has their own nice space, a quilt, a matching pillowcase!  Can you see it?  Can you imagine in?  (OK, this photo is taken from The Gathering in Menasha, WI.  The retreat house for Primitive Gatherings Quilt Shop).  I wonder if the owner Lisa would like to come and teach a class at my new retreat house?

Now, you have to admit, this would be a lot of fun!  And with this feature…I would have oh so much more time to sew…

Hey, it could happen.

Later, Sandra



  1. Wow! I want this house SO badly! But not in Vermont. How about good, ole Virginia?

  2. Imagine it full of chihuahuas…..ahhhhhh 🙂

    • Would they play nicely with my puppies?

  3. Sign me up! And, if I don’t win the house, I guess I’d be okay with you winning…

  4. I would come to your quilt retreats. I love Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. They would play nice with chihuahuas 🙂 Truly a beautiful house. I would hate to have to pay the heating bill though.

  5. I want to go……I would take either…..maybe I should turn our huge outbuilding with the heavy duty loft into a Quilter’s Retreat?…..ummmm……

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